Your Identity on the World Wide Web

Web Design

It is important for us to take the time with our customers to really understand the ideas and intention of the website. A good balance between structure, content and colors defines the look and feel of your web representation. As a system base we use the free open-source content management system, short CMS, WordPress, which is in our opinion the best CMS to achieve unique result. To save time and costs for you we are using plugins and templates from the worlds best developers on Envato Theme Forest.



Web Hosting

We leave the web hosting and domain management to professionals. For now more then 10 years we are suggesting the Austrian hosting and domain provider world4you with headquarters in Linz, Upper Austria. We support you from the beginning by selecting a suitable hosting product and registering your desired domain. By doing so we make one important difference to most other web developers: you have full ownership of your hosting and domain products - no exception. Therefore if you decide to quit our services, you don't have to fear losing access to your content.


Static vs. Dynamic

Web Support

We offer two different maintenance packages to every website customer. The "Static" package provides you with a continuously update check of your website system. In defined time periods we make sure that your plugins and CMS system is always up-to-date. The "Dynamic" package is for customers who don't want to take the time to understand the backend of the CMS but need constant updates of content or images on their website. The Static package is included in Dynamic. A Cancelation is possible until the end of the notice period.

From a name to an identifaction

Logo / Brand Design

You want to start a new company or just want to fresh up your brand? Your logo should be identification on first sight. It represents what you and your company stand for. You can either give us free creativity where we create a few samples and then together work our way to the final design or simply provide us with your idea and shape which we turn into a solid designed logo. Color, Shape, Font - you decide, and we create it!


Something to hold on to...

Print Media

A company is not just a website or a logo. When meeting new interested customers, you need to give them the possibility to get in contact with you and the easiest way is to provide them with your business card. But it should not stop there. Extend your business reach with leaflets/ booklets, or flyers. We either work with our local printing companies or you can provide us a contact of your preferred printing company. We will handle the rest.


Wearing your brand

Textile Design

Sometimes it is just a private occasion where the need for shirt design or similar is needed. A friend’s birthday, the end of life – the wedding-eve-party or for anything you can think of. Or you want your company employees to have corporate design workwear. Provide us with design or give us the creative freedom to create a suitable design. We work with local partners which offer a variety of different clothing items.

We bring moments to life

Imaging and Photos

No matter whether it is a portrait of you or the need to put your company into the right light from the exterior or interior - we will find the right spot and the right moment and capture it for you either with stationary shots or drone shots from above.